Who We Are

PhoenixRising is a coaching and consulting company based in Colorado that works globally across corporate, non-profit, government and educational sectors.

We serve executive and high potential leaders, their teams and their organizations through consulting, executive coaching and custom curated workshops and retreats.  Our approach is innovative and holistic, teaching a set of leadership practices which taken together support new levels of creativity, productivity and resilience. 

We Believe

These times are calling for a new kind of leadership.  The leader's most important job is to set the inspired, shared vision, co-create the strategy, create a psychologically safe workplace, build trust, ensure relationship is built with and between team members and then support the team to co-create, bringing the highest expression of their talents and gifts.  In this safe, supportive culture, creativity abounds, communication flows and productivity and engagement are at an all time high.  The leader creates this culture.  The leader is the 'banks of the river' for the team but does not need to tell the river how to flow.  It knows.  And in the right culture it will do so brilliantly by itself.  This also allows the leader to have a balanced life.  Many leaders are facing burnout as they are trying to do it all.  Once they put in place the right conditions for their teams, they do not need to do it all.  The talent and wisdom of the organizational system produces great results, often well beyond everyone's expectations.


Our mission is to support individuals and organizations to develop the awareness, skills and practices to enable their own transformation, activating their full potential and amplifying their impact in the world. 


Custom designed, highly experiential coaching, consulting, retreats and workshops support deep individual and team work.  The focus is on building new awareness and skills, relationship to self and others, a safe, supportive and inspiring culture and an inspiring vision for a clear, focused strategy.   Breakthrough innovation, problem solving, productivity and personal and group effectiveness and resilience are enabled.

One of our unique practices is organization and personal relationship system mapping, allowing leaders and teams to see and resolve what is underneath the issues they are facing.  We are also skilled at creating safe, supportive group environments through leveraging Matrixworks practices, which are designed to foster high levels of psychological safety and connectivity in groups.

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Heidi Piper

Heidi Piper

Heidi Piper


Over her 30+ year career at Fortune 50 company Procter & Gamble, Heidi led innovation around the world for brands which accounted cumulatively for over $100 Billion in sales. Over this time, she led thousands of people across Europe, North and South America and Asia, consistently creating high performance teams who delivered successful innovation. She is known for creating very strong, healthy workplace cultures, with high levels of employee engagement, supported by diversity and inclusion best practices.


Heidi has decades of global executive innovation leadership experience at Fortune 50 company Procter & Gamble leading innovation for some of the world’s most iconic brands. Over that time she supported development of very strong strategies and consistently created high performing, emotionally and socially intelligent organizations which delivered their stretching goals. Favoring a servant leadership, inclusive, relationship supporting, balanced, transparent and action-oriented, pragmatic approach, Heidi has enabled excellent workplace culture, and very strong global and remote teams.  She has two decades of experience creating very strong diversity and inclusion programs as well.


Heidi coached individuals and groups for three decades in the context of a 30+ year global innovation leadership career at Fortune 50 company Procter & Gamble. She supported development of a long line of leaders who were promoted to very successfully take on higher levels of responsibility. Leveraging her experience as a working mother, she has also coached many people looking for guidance on work/life balance, resilience and achieving their personal and professional goals. Heidi has undergone two deeply transformative life changes and successfully recreated her life through them. The latter, in midlife, led her to adopt a series of practices that were truly life transforming. She has also completed a two year intensive training in Constellation Facilitation (organization and personal relationship system mapping) and regularly conducts sessions to help clients gain insights into and resolve difficult situations.


Heidi has been speaking publicly for four decades. She is available to speak about topics related to leadership, transformation, resilience, work-life balance, high performance and self-care, psychological safety at work, diversity and inclusion, working globally and remotely successfully, up-leveling your life, creativity and innovation, and finding inspired purpose.


Heidi published her first book Choose Love, How to move through heartache with grace and rise like a phoenix, Fall '19, through Amazon.  She also writes a blog on organizational and personal leadership, PhoenixRising in Work and Life.  

PhoenixRising Partners

PhoenixRising collaborates with partners who bring extensive experience in leadership and organizational development and all share a passion for the evolution of leadership in our organizations, our society and our lives.

Bridgit Wald

Bridgit Wald

Bridgit Wald is a coach, organizational development consultant, and passionate student and facilitator of human and organizational systems transformation. She began her career as an independent marketing and strategic planning consultant and merges her background in strategy and business development with extensive training and practical experience in leadership and organizational development. She custom-curates programming to meet wide-ranging organizational development needs, with her primary focus areas being individual and team leadership development, coaching and training, and the cultivation of thriving, innovative workplace cultures. Her approaches draw heavily on her training in Design Thinking, Theory U, UX, and regenerative systems frameworks, along with intensive study and practice of embodied leadership frameworks. She has studied extensively in the equine integrated leadership development space and is the founder of EquusLibere, a Boulder, CO-based equine facilitated learning organization offering Equine Facilitated Coaching, Leadership Development, and Transformational Learning Experiences for individuals, groups, and organizations. She holds a B.A from McGill University in Montreal, QC.

Lisa Marie Main - Continuum Consulting

Lisa Marie Main

Lisa Marie Main, MA, ABS, is passionate about activating the potential of humanity in all that she does.  She is an accomplished leader, insightful consultant, executive coach, and engaging facilitator who delivers results with backbone and heart.  She has traveled the world partnering with leaders and teams in all forms of business including Fortune 50 companies such as Procter and Gamble, JP Morgan Chase, Nestle, Kellogg’s, Pfizer, as well as community organizations and INGOs.  Her acute understanding of the subtle energies and dynamics in human systems, coupled with creativity, are brought-to-life in all that she designs and delivers.  As the COO of an international company Lisa Marie gained a deep understanding and respect for the complexities challenging leaders and organizations today.  She earned her Masters Degree in Applied Behavioral Science, Leadership and Organization Development in Human Systems and is the Co-Founder and Co-President of Continuum Consulting Services.  Since 1999, she has incorporated and promoted the leading-edge knowledge and benefits of somatic-systemic approaches supported by neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiology and regenerative practices.  Lisa Marie enjoys immersing herself in nature and can be found gardening, hiking and skiing whenever possible in her home state of beautiful Colorado.

Mukara Meredith - Matrixworks

Mukara Meredith

Mukara Meredith, MSW, Matrixworks Founder and CEO and Certified Hakomi Trainer, with humor, often refers to herself as a 108 year old Tibetan Elf.  Mukara’s life’s-work has been devoted to bringing human-friendly values into businesses and organizations to ensure meaningful work, marketplace fairness and organizational success.  She believes in the power of care and compassion to help all organizations grow and prosper.  As organizations grow, they will help create a more caring and sustainable world that works for all of us. She feels nothing is more important than our personal and collective evolution in these times.  This purpose led to the founding of MatrixWorks in 1999.  As President of MatrixWorks, Mukara is committed to creating new cultures of creativity, nourishment and innovation in workplace relationships by using the power of small groups.  MatrixWorks has been at the forefront of introducing cutting-edge neuroscience and brain-functioning understanding to leaders, managers and their teams so that they and teams learn to access collective intelligence and practice the skills of collaboration and connectivity.  Mukara has worked with Procter & Gamble, Mattel, General Mills, The Hershey Company, GAP, Old Navy, PopTech, General Electric’s HealthyMaginations, Mayo Clinic and Escola Santi.  She has also served in the fields of education, healthcare, and therapeutic modalities such as somatic experiencing, Hakomi, and cranial therapy.  Currently, Mukara is working extensively in Brazil and Japan, with schools, small businesses and community organizations.

Elmar Dornberger - Hemisphere Consulting

Elmar Dornberger

Elmar Dornberger, MFA, MA Psychology, LPC, Hemisphere Consulting Founder and CEO.  Elmar is a Coach, Facilitator and Trainer.  He founded Hemisphere Consulting in 2001 to serve individuals, families and organizations with systemic and sustainable solutions.  He is a certified Theory U facilitator, studying with MIT since 2014.  He is also a ViSi Social Tech facilitator.  His passion is Neuro-Somatic-Integration work, applied Quantum Field work and being part of Global Solutions through Systemic processes.  Prior to founding Hemisphere Consulting, Elmar worked as a communications and creative executive with Mary Kay Cosmetics, Aveda and Limited Brands. 

Allison Adams - Future Impact Partners; The Big Calling

Allison Adams

Allison Adams, founding partner of The Big Calling and Future Impact Partners.   The Big Calling is a transformational training agency for leaders, teams, and stakeholders.  Future Impact Partners, a social impact consultancy, multiplies a company's return on investment by including return on impact in all areas and stages of business development.  Our global network of partners work with companies of all sizes and have the heart to evolve business for economic coherence and sustainability.  Allison blends many fields of study, methodologies, science, degrees and certifications to support clients and companies to overcome systemic challenges and build a coherent, resilient and optimal future.  You can also find Allison leading change via The Economy for the Common Good-USA, a global non-profit movement, as well as fulfilling her dream of leading and co-creating global Transformational Leadership Workshops and Retreats.