Our Why

These times call for a new kind of leadership.  One that supports our evolution as individuals, organizations and societies.  Leadership with a higher level of awareness.  Leadership with a higher level of relationship with self and others.  Leadership lit by an inspiring, shared vision and a clear, focused strategy.  Leadership that knows how to create psychological safety, inclusion and support to enable self, organization and society to tap into the highest levels of productivity, creativity and innovation.  Leadership that allows space and balance to do our best work.  And leadership that develops exceptional resiliance to deal with the frequency and amplitude of change now commonplace. 


PhoenixRising supports development of this kind of leadership.  We offer an innovative, holistic approach to leadership development for individuals and organizations.  We drawn on decades of extensive business and personal leadership experience working globally across high performing Fortune 50 companies and organizations.  We do this through highly experiential, custom curated coaching, consulting and signature workshops and retreats.  We operate internationally onsite, offsite and at our PhoenixRising facility based in Boulder, Colorado.

Our Story

Heidi Piper founded PhoenixRising and brings over three decades of international innovation leadership and organization development experience at Fortune 50 company Procter & Gamble.  She partners with other exceptional leaders who have worked with large corporations, government, non-profit and small and medium enterprises.  All bring expertise in leadership and organization development and all share a passion for the evolution of leadership in our organizations, our societies and our lives.  

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Signature Program Offer

The Art of Executive Excellence

Executive leaders today are at risk of burnout and limited effectiveness due to high stress and increasing levels of complexity of their roles.  For some, these uncertain, turbulent times bring overwhelming demands.  Sustained high levels of productivity for the individual and the organization are becoming harder and harder to attain.   

Participate in this intensive program to learn and apply powerful skills, practices and tools to significantly elevate your leadership of self, others and the system you operate in.  Lead powerfully with grace to make a transformational impact on yourself, your organization and the world.

Learn and apply tools and practices to:

  • Improve your resiliance through mindfulness and stress management techniques that fit your unique preferences
  • Individualized assessment and coaching to elevate self awareness and promote stronger impact and fulfillment
  • Improve team productivity through increased trust, engagement, and alignment to decisions
  • Resolve issues and get things done more efficiently through learning and applying human system dynamics theory

This is a customized program for leaders and their teams tailored to their specific needs.

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