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Business Consulting

We specialize in consulting in the areas of innovation, organizational development, organizational leadership, workplace culture and diversity and inclusion.


Organizational Development

Organizational Leadership

Workplace Culture

Diversity and Inclusion

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Executive Coaching

Significantly transform your personal and organizational leadership practice to enable breakthrough performance.  The program is custom curated for your needs.  Specific focus areas can include, among others: creating and communicating an inspiring vision for your work and life, developing an effective strategy to deliver the vision, building productivity for yourself and your team without burnout, fostering engagement, commitment and loyalty, effective delegation, creating psychological safety and creating an innovative culture.

Signature Programs

Highly experiential, custom designed workshops and retreats - supporting deep, effective, individual and organizational transformation.  These will be designed with you to achieve your specific goals and may be off-site or on-site and could be half day, full day, multi-day, up to a week, depending on the work to be done with the group. 

The Art of Executive Excellence

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System Mapping

This unique practice allows to more easily see the patterns in organizations and personal relationships which subconsciously influence our choices and behaviors.  In this practice we physically map out together what is really happening underneath a situation you would like to work on. This practice provides insight and carries the potential to significantly shift any dynamic in a human system you are part of.  It can be applied to both workplace organizational and personal dynamics.

Personal Coaching

Heidi Piper and select partners support deep personal transformation through personal coaching. We take a holistic approach that supports your own discovery of what you need to do next to transform and become the person you are meant to be, living the life you are meant to live, doing the work you are meant to do.

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Heidi Piper is available to speak on the following topics, among others: Innovation, transformation, psychological safety, trust, diversity and inclusion, resilience, work/life balance, high performance and self-care, working globally successfully, working remotely successfully, creativity, work culture, servant leadership, finding purpose.

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