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The Art of Executive Excellence

These times call for a new kind of leadership.  One that supports our evolution as individuals, organizations and societies.  Leadership with a higher level of awareness.  Leadership with a stronger relationship with self and others.  Leadership lit by an inspiring, shared vision and a clear, focused strategy.  Leadership that knows how to create psychological safety, inclusion and support to enable self, organization and society to tap into the highest levels of productivity, creativity and innovation. Leadership that allows space and balance to do our best work.  And leadership that develops exceptional resiliance to deal with the frequency and amplitude of change now commonplace.

2020 has illustrated how much this is needed now.  The leadership environment today is significantly more complex and less certain than ever before.  With COVID, we have been forced to work virtually, en masse, with little preparation. Constant change is the new normal, leading to chronic change fatigue.  The greater context in which we are living and working is triggering anxiety in individuals, organizations and society at large.  All of this is impacting work performance and quality of life, limiting our ability to contribute to our fullest potential.   

Leadership - Inspired and Transformed 

High levels of awareness,  enhanced skills, applicable tools and effective practices are required to effectively lead through this unprecedented turbulence with efficiency, sustainability, and whole person health. Our 8-week intensive The Art of Executive Excellence certificate program develops conscious change agents who will make a meaningful impact on individuals, teams, and entire companies as organizational leaders. 

Participants learn specific perspectives, skills, tools and practices to increase awareness of self, impact on others, and system dynamics, and elevate self-mastery to take more consistently effective action to bring out the highest potential in self, others and the organization.  

Our faculty brings decades of extensive business and personal leadership experience working internally and externally across global high performing Fortune 50 companies. Through individualized coaching and group processes, The Art of Executive Excellence challenges participants to think and perform in new ways in order to reach their leadership potential.

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Who We Serve

The Art of Executive Excellence serves corporate executives and high potential leaders who want to transform themselves and their teams and make a positive impact on the world. 

The program is offered virtually and has two participant formats:

1) Leaders and their teams
2) Cohorts with individual participants from different organizations

Key Client Challenges:

  • Overwhelm and burnout 
  • Wavering engagement
  • Change fatigue due to increasing frequency and amplitude of change
  • Getting alignment with decision makers and enrollment of teams in the decisions
  • Losing time and energy managing relationship dynamics.  
  • Virtual team working, with no more water cooler/hallway discussions to ease getting things done and build relationships
  • Employee demand for value and personal meaning in the workplace is increasing
  • Transformation of current systems is required but it's not clear how to make it happen, especially while keeping the business moving forward

Program Results:

  • Things feel manageable and in control and employees have more energy for both life and work
  • Higher levels of fulfillment and engagement
  •  Lead yourself and others through frequent, turbulent change with ease and grace
  • Aligning and enrolling is quick and easy
  • Team members are connected, enjoy working together and have strong relationships
  • Teams cultivate flow and accomplish objectives quickly and easily 
  • Work is meaningful and people feel good about what they are doing
  • There is a clear path forward to transforming systems

Program Facilitators

Heidi Piper

Over her 30+ year career at Fortune 50 company Procter & Gamble, Heidi led global innovation for brands which accounted cumulatively for over $100 Billion in sales. Over this time, she led thousands of people across Europe, North and South America and Asia, consistently creating high performance, socially and emotionally intelligent teams who delivered their stretching goals.  Favoring a servant leader, inclusive, relationship-supporting, balanced, transparent and action-oriented, pragmatic approach, Heidi has enabled excellent workplace culture, and highly engaged, productive global and remote teams.  Since her time at P&G Heidi has earned additional certifications in organizational human system mapping and Matrixworks group facilitation.

Lisa Marie Main

Lisa is an accomplished leader, insightful consultant, executive coach, and engaging facilitator who has partnered with leaders and teams in Fortune 50 companies such as Procter and Gamble, JP Morgan Chase, Nestle, Kellogg’s and Pfizer, as well as community organizations and INGOs.  As COO of international company, Verus Global, Lisa Marie gained a deep understanding first hand of the complexities challenging leaders and organizations today.  Lisa earned her Masters Degree in Applied Behavioral Science, Leadership and Organization Development in Human Systems and is the Co-Founder and Co-President of Continuum Consulting Services. Among others, her expertise includes somatic-systemic approaches supported by neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiology and regenerative practices.

Our Clients 

Individualized and Group Coaching. Leadership Empowered.

What's included:

  • 4 full group learning days
  • 3 small group (4 person) 90 minute sessions
  • 5 private 50 minute coaching sessions  
  • Executive MBTI Assessment result and debrief

    Maximum 20  students per class

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Custom engagements available on request.

Our Approach

We take a whole person, whole system, strengths-based approach that takes into account both the art and the science of leadership. The program is highly experiential with immediate application.   We leverage the power of the cohort through drawing on both individual and group intelligence.  The tone is transparent, authentic and open within a psychologically safe space.  Learning is reviewed as we move through the course content and practice applying it in work and life.  

The course is divided into four modules:

1) Know yourself

2) Lead yourself

3) Lead others

4) Lead the system

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